Electricity FAQ’s



Q.1. Why should I consider switching my current electricity supplier?

Ans. If you think you are getting high electricity bills or your electricity supplier is charging more for the same services offered than his competitors. He is not abiding by the contractual terms and if you are not finding his services to your utmost satisfaction.

Q.2. What is the difference between business electricity supplier and domestic supplier?

Ans. Business electricity supplier provides electricity to factories, business firms and other commercial establishments big or small because domestic supplier provides electricity to homes and non profitable institutions. The business energy prices linked to wholesale price index and can fluctuate on daily basis unlike domestic energy prices which are more stable and are not likely to change for months unless there is significant change in market prices announced by energy suppliers.

Q. 3. Is there any written contract between both the parties?

Ans. Yes, based on the requirements of a business enterprise a draft in which all the terms and conditions including tenure of the contract, rate at which energy will supplied, extra benefits if any, termination before maturity clause etc, ready. The draft is then sent to both the parties, the business electricity supplier and the business house for their approval. With the signing of this instrument after making some adjustments as agreed upon, if any, the draft becomes a full contract. Now the business will get electricity at the contracted rates for the entire duration of the contract and the customer doesn’t have to pay a single penny extra even if the electricity rates go higher during the contract period.

Q. 4 .What happens when my contract meets the deadline?

Ans. It observed that most business owners lose track of the end date. They even forget to sign or renew the agreement. This wont happen to you as we’ll keep you aware of the expiry date of the contract through are continuous reminders well in advance. So you will have option to either roll over or renew the contract with the same supplier or to stop the contract with the current supplier if you are not satisfied and look for another energy supplier.

Q.5. What are the ways of calculation of business electricity rates?

Ans. The amount of electricity used at your business premises is the main cause. The type of business, site, load, capacity, working hours etc, everything has to taken into consideration.

Q.6. Whether any taxes applicable for the business electricity use?

Ans. Definitely, there is a tax on the use of electricity in industry and domestic places as well. Taxes imposed by governments and they are extra sources of revenue for them.

Q.7. What is the procedure to change or switch supplier?

Ans. Businesselectricty4u will make it easy to look around for the best option for your business. We will check your current electricity needs, bill plan etc. and then give advice if a switchover is really required or not. You needn’t worry about the paperwork and no disruption will occur to your power supply.

Q.8. How can my business reduce its unbearable high electricity bills?

Ans. We’ll study your firm’s energy consumption and then based on our findings, offer suggestions on effective use and in minimising wastage of electricity. Also by simply turning computers, monitors and lights off for overnight or when they are not in use and using energy efficient LED bulbs can save electricity to some extent.

Q.9. Can I relax and focus totally on my business after engaging Shop Electrics?

Ans. Definitely yes, we are one of UK’s reputed and leading business electricity brokers and with our years of experience and large customer base, we assure you a complete peace of mind. Once you have availed our services you will be in safer hands.