More mobiles not covered by insurance

What happens to smartphones without insurance?

Last year over 2M people dropped their mobile phone, which created huge damage. Worst of all was 1.3 million had their mobile phone stolen in the last year, believe it or not but half of those owners did not have mobile phone insurance.

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So, what did they do?

Well the lucky ones on PAYG will just have to buy a new phone, but those on contract will have to buy a new phone and they will still be paying their contract line rental for the stolen or lost one. Find out how to protect your phone.

New law on Hand-help mobiles

Anyone caught on a hand-held phone while driving will be subject to a £60 fine AND 3 points on your license, which can be increased to a £1,000 fine if the matter goes to court (£2,500 if the driver is driving a lorry or a bus).

People have asked if they can use it when stuck in traffic, the answer is ‘The ban still applies’. The ban applies when driving and driving includes time stopped at traffic lights or other hold-ups when a vehicle is expected to move off after a short while. The exception exists in lengthy tailbacks when engines are turned off.

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Please contact us if you need more advice about using your mobile phone in certain situations.

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